Back to School Safety

We’ve been helping healthcare organizations both in Canada and in the US stay safe and stay open since day 1 of the pandemic.

Over the last 100+ days we’ve added support for businesses and communities and are now working with school boards to help them get ready for Back to School. We have experience with schools because Take Action has been used by several districts in the US for teacher coaching on a Behavioral Health model called The Restorative Process.

We are on track to be working with up to 20-60 US School Districts over the course of 2020-21.

We can help get schools open safely. We’d love to help your school district too – check out this explainer video.

Take Action COVID 19 for Schools

Some high-level points:

  • We send daily nudges (email or text) to students, teachers, service providers that you provide. There is no app to download so there are NO privacy issues. 
  • We are able to do this in the language of the recipients’ choice removing any language barriers. 
  • We can send students, staff etc different questions of your choice. For example, COVID-19 affects different age groups in different ways. We can have different questions for elementary students, secondary students and adults within the same jurisdiction.
  • Take Action has unlimited deployment capabilities – there is no limit to the number of participants
  • Different reporting dashboards can be sent to different employees. For example, the bus driver can get a report of who isn’t well so they don’t board the bus, principals can get dashboards of who is clear/not clear to attend that particular school. As a Director of Emergency Planning, you can receive an overview by each school to see if there are any issues that need attention.
  • Realtime reporting eliminates potential errors as well as time consuming and costly tracking. 
  • We offer other wellness platforms that can be added for example mental health, depression and anxiety. As a Take Action client, you would have the ability to try these as well.
  • We can also send educational information such as proper handwashing, proper mask usage and mask removal.

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