Workplace COVID Management Software

You can take control of your business’s health standard with the help of Take Action. Our workplace coronavirus management platform offers thorough information and screening features to ensure you can stay on top of possible contamination and provide a proper response. We offer our software on a global scale enabling businesses around the world to reap the benefits.

What Our Software Does

Our software contains a variety of features that help you stay on top of outbreaks and protect your employees, customers, and communities. With our software, you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically execute symptom screening for regular employees: You will be able to execute proactive screening for all employees, making it easy to log symptoms before you come into work every day. This offers you an easy way to monitor your employees’ health levels and stop outbreaks in their tracks.
  • Electronically execute symptom screening for visitors to your facilities: Through an optional virtual guestbook, you will be well positioned to screen scheduled visitors prior to them stepping foot into your facilities. Ad-hoc visitors can also be screened contactless by placing a QR code outside of your entrance. This ensures that contact and cross-contamination can be restricted as much as possible. As your employees report symptoms, you’ll receive real-time reports so you can act appropriately and respond in a timely manner.
  • Automatically trace contacts: You will no longer dig through unorganized information on who was in the office at any given time. This will enable you to provide peace of mind and boost the sense of security for your employees.
  • Provide information: You can benefit from optional features, including the delivery of the latest information on coronavirus, including CDC recommendations, treatment options, and vaccine updates. All these resources can be delivered to you regularly, empowering you to make the best decisions for your business.
  • Promote competitiveness through gamification: We like to boost morale by setting up intra-office competitions to better engage and promote participation among your employees. This provides enhanced incentives for your employees to make proper use of the features and encourages them to report symptoms regularly.

Why Choose Our Company

Our workplace COVID management software makes running your company easy. Our software is easy to install and is fully web-based; hence, it doesn’t require any IT help or even require you to install an app. New clients consistently launch with an 80% success rate on day one, and in 2020 alone, we cleared more than 1.2 million people.

If you want professional coaching, guidance, and reporting options, let Take Action boost your efforts. Ask about our software solutions for your business today, and get a quote based on your specific needs.