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Select the plan that's right for your organization

There are three general categories of plans for you to implement Take Action to support symptom screening, clearing and logging to help protect your employees, workplace and clients. All plans include communication and delivery of education to employees and even clients. Select the plan that’s right for your organization.


Up to 10 Employees
$ 0
  • 100% FREE - No Credit Card Needed
  • Standard COVID-19 Workflow
  • One Supervisor Account - One Dashboard
  • All Nudges via Email
  • Micro-Learning via Email
  • Maintain Log of all Statuses / Activity
  • Live in 24-48 Hours
  • No Contracts - Cancel Anytime
  • 24 Hour - 7 Day Email Support

Pro Plans

11 or More Employees, Clients, and Vendors
  • Rates Based on Size of Team
  • Customizable Workflow
  • Departmental Dashboards
  • Multiple Management Layers
  • Deliver Custom Team-Specific Education
  • OPTIONAL: Customer Symptom Screening
  • OPTIONAL: Vendor Symptom Screening
  • Customized Mico-Learning
  • Nudges Delivered by Email or Text
  • Maintain Logs of Statuses / Activtity for employees, vendors, and clients
  • Live in 24-48 Hours
  • No Contracts - Cancel Anytime
  • Live Support

Non - Profit

Unlimited Employees
$ 0
  • Similar to Pro Plans
  • Basic Workflow Customizations
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • Multiple Reporting Layers
  • All Nudges Via Email ONLY
  • LIVE in 24-48 Hours
  • 24 Hour - 7 Day Email Support
  • No Contracts - Cancel Anytime
  • OPTIONAL: Nudges Via Text (additional charges)

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IMBA Medical is an industry leader in workplace wellness solutions. Our Take Action platform has helped 1000s of users achieve their wellness objectives. 

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