Screening your employees, clients and suppliers is costing you more than you think.

As you are well aware, the world is experiencing an unprecedented pandemic caused by COVID-19. Companies like yours are working hard to develop and implement policies to help your front-line employees and customers stay safe.

You are no different.

For most people, this can be overwhelming, difficult to understand, or easily ignored, leading to risks to their health and the health of the community and your workplace.

We’ve just launched our COVID-19 Screening cost estimator (it’s on the right hand side of this page). Most organizations are paying way more than you think to keep on top of this!

What if you had access to a tool that could support your employees and customers by providing accurate and potentially life-saving information?

What if the tool could save you hundreds, or thousands of dollars a month?

IMBA Medical’s Take Action Platform is exactly that tool.  

Within 24-48 hours you can be implementing all 8 Steps detailed in this guide for as little as a few cents per employee per day.

Protect your team, your workplace, and your customers today.

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