8 Simple Steps to Symptom Screening: The Video Guide

Some people are better at learning on a video … so we put the 8 Simple Steps to Symptom Screening and Keeping your Employees, Workplace, and Clients Safer in a Video

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Here are the 8 Steps:

  1. Communicate – how to ensure that your team gets the right info from your team right away, and always
  2. Tracking – how do you set up a tracking protocol at your company
  3. Isolate and Trace – protect your workplace from the contagion
  4. Return from Treatment – how to ensure that someone has become clear for work again after they have had treatment
  5. Review – how you can build a continuous improvement process to ensure that each step is improved in real time
  6. Educate – it is vital to ensure that you educate your team about changing policies and procedures and ensure they are implemented in real time
    1. This can include proper use of changing safety measures and equipment
    1. Including regulations as they may change
  7. Returning to “New” Normal – how to ensure that your new policies find their proper place as you return to normal
  8. Revise and Practice

Here’s the Video … we hope it helps to keep you safer.

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