Don’t forget to address how employees relate to each-other.

In addition to supporting new processes for how employees relate to customers, you will need to implement new measures for how employees relate to one-another. These changes essentially impact every facet of work life and workplace management. Some of this may seem obvious, other elements are much more detail oriented. Ensure that these measures are communicated to your employees and that they receive education on these steps on a regular basis.

  1. Employees must stay six feet apart wherever practical
    • Try to have team meetings where people need to be face-to-face outside to promote additional ventilation when possible
  2. Seating in break rooms, lunchrooms, and other common areas must be adjusted to accommodate physical distancing guidelines.
    • Encourage all breaks and meals to be taken outdoors if possible
  3. Stagger shifts, start times, breaks and meals to minimize staff crowding.
  4. Ensure there is sufficient disinfectant available to support cleaning of high touch common areas for staff:
    • Staff entrances/exits
    • Staff break rooms, lunchrooms, and common areas
    • Bathrooms
  5. Instruct staff to clean all surfaces with appropriate disinfectant after each use (countertops, coffee machines, bathroom surfaces, handles, etc.)
  6. If you cannot meet outdoors while maintaining physical distancing guidelines, prohibit face-to-face meetings of employees greater than 10 or more (or at all if possible)
  7. Implement similar restrictions as exist for customers on interactions with vendors and transportation
    • Ensure they are contactless when possible
    • Ensure that “clean” and “used” pens are segregated and disinfected when not possible to ensure contactless receipt or transportation of goods
  8. Suspend use of fridges and microwaves for employee use
    • Encourage employees to bring their own lunch in coolers/lunch bags

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