The Top 8 Reasons Why Good People Don’t Always Check in on Their Symptoms

There are lots of reasons why good, smart people do not give you the information you need:

  1. When the questions change, they do not go back-in-time to think about how they should have answered it last week or two weeks ago
  2. They do not want to sound an alarm needlessly
  3. They do not want to appear to have made a mistake
  4. They did not understand that they were in fact symptomatic (or someone they came into contact was) and then by the time they realized some time had gone by
  5. They are afraid
  6. They are in denial
  7. They are oblivious to their own conditions
  8. They feel “something” but don’t think it’s that “bad”

Setting clear criteria based on public health and other emergency guidelines early (and adjusting them as needed in real time) is essential in an emergency.

Make sure to do each and every day, for part-time employees and full-time alike. That way you’re never left wondering what went wrong.

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